October 20th
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This fucked me up

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 Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. 
— Will Rogers (via psych-facts)
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I know that I’m hard to love. Some days I’m all smiles and affection and then other days there’s nothing I want more than to be quiet and lie in bed.

Sometimes I get angry about stupid things and won’t want to talk to you. Other days I’ll think that you’re the most perfect person in the world.

Please don’t give up on me. I know it’s not easy but I’ll always come back to you.

— Letters to the next (I hope you try)

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Junot Diaz
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October 19th
New haircut :)

New haircut :)

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 I have to stop falling in love with memories. 
— 9 word story (via pillsand-coffee)

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 Stars are not small or gentle.
They are writhing and dying and burning.
They are not here to be pretty.
I am trying to learn from them. 
Caitlyn Siehl, “Sky Poem” (via brambleheart)

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 You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy. 
— Andrea Gibson, The Nutritionist (via seabois)

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